Al Maze's Stories Behind the Stones


Notable People Buried at Forest Hills: Al Maze's Stories Behind the Stones

The Trust's Historian-in-Residence Al Maze, has been researching the many notable people buried at Forest Hills for more than 10 years. He leads regular walking tours incorporating this research. The Trust asked him the develop this section for the website to document some of his discoveries and share his extensive knowledge of Boston history.

Al's research has uncovered some surprises. His most recent discovery is that William Dawes, Jr. is buried here at Forest Hills in the May Family Lot, not at King's Chapel Burial Ground as previously noted in all Boston guidebooks. Dawes was the first rider sent out by Major General/Dr. Joseph Warren (one of the most prominent leaders of the Revolution, also buried at Forest Hills); Dawes set out before Paul Revere, joining in the effot to mobilize the colonists and warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock of the approaching British troops. Joseph Warren, one of the most prominent leaders of the Revolution, is also buried here at Forest Hills.

You can contact Al Maze with questions or take one of his walking tours to learn more about historic figures buried at Forest Hills. For a list of upcoming tours, visit our calendar.